Can budget laptop be used in Music production industry?

Looking for a budget laptop to be used in music production? You have landed at the right place.

A laptop for music production needs some unique specifications compared to other laptops, in this post TeamDigitalMitr has tested and recommended the best budget laptop for music production

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Music Production Laptop Configuration

Following hardware configuration is a must for laptop that will be used in music production:

High quality Processor: For the simple reason that music production needs multi-tasking and need good processing power, high processor power is recommended.

High RAM: It goes without saying that any application that is processing intensive should have high RAM to get the best benefit.

Portability: Laptop is meant to be a portable device but at times big size laptops become more of a hindrance. Unless your work requires you to have a big laptop screen, go for a 14-15″ laptop. You can always attach a big screen if as and when work demands.

Good Battery Life: Heavy processing and good battery life are inversely proportional, still you need to look for a laptop that will give you the best battery life along with other needs.

Hight storage space: Digital Music files are a huge space eater. The raw format and multiple versions need huge hard disk capacity.

Enough Ports: There must be enough USB ports, and HDMI ports to attach multiple devices used in music production.

Good Heat Dissipation: More the processing power, more the heat is generated. The music laptop needs a better cooling mechanism built into it.

What is not needed in a Music Production laptop

One may think all the best stuff needs to be part of a laptop that is needed for music production, it’s not true. Add hardware as per your need not just due to fancy gimmick!

A high-end graphic card that is a must for a Gaming laptop is not of much use in a Music laptop as we need sound quality here, rather than the visuals.

So do not waste money on a High-end graphic card with dedicated RAM, its will a costly accessory that will not justify the ROI.

TeamDigitalMitr recommends:

  1. A screen size of 14-15″
  2. A processor no less than i7, avoid Ryzen processors in this case
  3. RAM of 8-16GB is mandatory
  4. Storage can be a mix of 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD to get the best bang for the money.

Best Budget Laptop For Music Production

The following two laptops have been tested by TeamDigitalMitr and recommended as the best.

Acer Nitro

With a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5, this is a powerhouse from Acer. 12 Gen i7, 14 core 16GB RAM with 512SSD and 1TB storage.

Cashback offers and exchange offers along with any other deals from Amazon will make it more attractive.


10th Generation i7, 8GB RAM, 512 SSD storage Ultra thing laptop is really a powerful laptop and portable. A bit lower configuration and price but is a good ROI.

An excellent alternative under Rs.50,000/- 👍 will be HP laptop with 16GB RAM!! With Ryzen processer, you may find this just a tad less in performance during heavy load but ROI is best!!

RAM: 16 GB
CPU: RYZEN 5-5500U
Hard Disk: 512 GB SSD

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Is the laptop for music production different from other laptops?

Yes, laptop for music production needs to be more powerful and portable along with option for multiple ports.


Laptops for music production are really a special hardware, it is definitely not the most budget laptop but you can avail the offers from Amazon to bring down the cost of this powerful laptop.

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