2 Best Laptop For Architecture Students[2023]

Which laptop is best for students of Architecture?

Architecture is a complex form of engineering that needs not only technical skills but also creativity and imagination.

The study of architecture involves mastering both sophisticated software and indepth knowledge in the feild.

In this post, I will be sharing my analysis and recommnedation of which laptop will be best for Architecurte students based on the work they have to do.

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Why a laptop is needed for architectue students?

Softwares have made inroads in all the feilds of study. Architect being a complex stream, softwares help a lot in reducing complexities of designing and rendring.

Laptops also makes collaboration and file sharing very easy. Presentations are an integral part of architects jobs, laptops make it very easy to create slides and present on the go.

Features needed in a laptop for architecture students

Following are the features and specs of laptop that is a must for students of architecture:

1.Graphic Card: A dedicated graphic card is a must for a laptop that involves 3D modeling to justify the quality of images needed.
2.Processor: Study of architecture involves working with processor intensive softwares like Autocad, Sketchup. A processor of type i9 or Ryzen7 is a must for good experience.
3.RAM: The processor and graphic intensive laptop will also need a high RAM. A minimum of 16GB is needed, but the more the merrier!
4.Storage: The traditional magnetic storage may become a bottle neck for this kind of hige end laptop. To balance between the speed and cost, go for 512GB SSD and get an 1TB external storage.
5.Display: The designes will need big display, no matter how big laptop monitor you choose, you will need a bigger display to be really effective. So I recommend instead of a big laptop screen, get a big monitor. It will be more handy and economical as well.
6.Battery Life: A high end laptop consumes lots of power, hence a battery life of 6hr is good enough.
7.Ports and connectivity: A HDMI port is must for this type of laptop to get the crisp display. Apart from it, USB 3.0 ports atleast 2 is needed along with a headphone jack.
8.Keyboard and Mouse: A laptop keyboard may be good enough for CAD,CAM work but an external mouse is highely recommended.
9.Operating System: Since the softwares used in architect study are very niche, do check the OS that supports all the applications needed. Windows being the most widely used OS, it should be able support all the softwares.

Which laptop is best for students of Architecture?

Keeping in mind the features expected, I recommend following laptops for architecture students:

Note: These are high configuration, high end laptops and it does not come cheap!

Apple MacBook Pro 2023

Unless windows Operating system is the necessity, Apple products are best. MacBook Pro can easily handle the complexity

Apple MacBook Pro 2023

16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 12 Core CPU, 19 CORE GPU

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Acer Predator Helios

With 64 GB RAM, 2TB SSD you will never feel lack of power from this laptop.

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More power you need, more robust specifications will come in and cost will go high. This is one time investment and you will not regret the quality.