How to find best laptop for students in India?

Student days are the best example of paradox, you need all the best gadgets but at a budget!

In this post I have tried to reduce your burden a bit by sharing some career advice and the best laptop that will be handy for students pursing that career in India.

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Irrespective of what stream you choose for your studies, a good laptop will be needed. Selecting a good laptop that is best for your field of studies can make a huge difference in the final outcome.

Consider a good laptop in your students days as a tool to increase your speed and efficiency.

Best Laptop For Students In India
Best laptop for students

Best Laptop for BCA Students

Bachelor Of Compouter Applications (BCA) is the undergraduate course offered by many universities. In case you missed getting admission in Engineering for what ever reason but want to make career in IT industry, BCA is a great alternative.

If you got admission in BCA or planning to, worry not its a great career path. I myself took this path and was employed in many multimational IT firms.

So give it your best and you will definetly find a position in IT industry. Doing MCA will be more beneficial, if possible do target for it.

A good laptop will help you immensely in this journey. Do check out Best Laptop For BCA students that have top laptops for every budget.

Best Laptop For BSc(IT) Students

In many states, BCA is not offered instead BSc(IT). This degree is similar to BCA and can open doors to IT industry.

After BSc(IT), do try to complete Masters – MCA or MSc(IT) for faster growth in IT industry.

A laptop is needed for BSc(IT), check out the recommended laptops for students of IT Best Laptop for BSC IT

Best Laptop For CA Students

Chartered Accountant(CA) is a lucrative careen. In case you have already started on this path or aspire to become CA, congratulations for a great career option.

An important piece of gadget that will help you get more efficient is a good laptop. Do check out the list of recommended laptops for CA students in post Best Laptop for CA Students

Best Laptop For BBA Students

Bachelor Of Business Administration(BBA) is an excellent career option after 12th. The universities offering this degree also offer Masters in same, do pursue the Masters to turbocharge your career in business administration.

The laptop suggested in Best Laptop For BBA Students will help you increase your output.

Best Laptop For Architecture Students

Architecture is a specialise study that paves the path to a lucrative career in the respective field. Do select a laptop from this recommended list of Best Laptop For Architecutre Students to get that extra edge that will nudge you past competition.

The recommended laptops will definetly help you not only in your studies but will also help you collaborate with like minded students.


How should students select a laptop?

The first thing in selecting a laptop for students is to identify the purpose of the laptop. Based on its use, identify the configuration that is just enough or bit higher in configuration so that the laptop does not burn a hole in your pocket. Do not go for very high configuration laptop even if there is no budget constraint as once the student days are over, it may make the laptop less useful.


A good laptop will increase your efficiency in your student life. A laptop is now a days mandatory for all, bothe in students days as well as professional.

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