Which Laptop under 20000 Is best for Students?

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You can get a decent laptop under Rs.20,000 depending on the purpose you need the laptop for.

If as a student you want to:

1. Attend Online classes

2. Create projects reports on MS Office

3. Do basic video editing

4. Create basic graphic designs

5. Do Programming that is not very memory intensive

6. Play basic video games

and many tasks that are not very memory intensive, a Rs.20K laptop will give you enough value, not to mention watching YouTube/NetFlix, Video chat etc.

Stuff you may not be able to do on 20 thousand Laptop for students are:

1. Play memory intensive video games

2. Do heavy video editing

3. Work on rich graphics

Are you good with the features mentioned above, here is what Team DigitalMitr recommends as Best Laptop for Students Under Rs.20,000:

Color:Matt BlackBlack
Processor:Celeron N4020Celeron N3450
Graphics:Intel Graphics 600UHD Intel HD Graphics 500
Check details and BuyCheck details and Buy

Never heard of these brands before? Yes, these are the new kids in the market with some very impressive reviews.

In today’s time where you can get a decent smartphone for Rs.20,000/ and these brands are offering an entry level fully functional laptop!!

Alternatives to this entry level laptop:

1. Get Refurbished laptops: You can check out the refurbished (laptops that were returned back due to some reason). You may get a better configuration and better brand for similar price.

The seller provides free return in case you do not like what you got.Check out refurbished laptops here

2. Assemble a Desktop: Desktops are cheaper than laptops but they are not laptops. So if you are tight on budget but want better configuration, getting a desktop assembled may be a better alternative for you.


What is the difference between a students laptop and other laptop?

The biggest difference is the price and lower the price lower the configuration. Having said that, a laptop is good enough if it does what is needed from it.


There are options available for all price range provided you are flexible to accept an unknown name. The laptops mentioned in this post are not know brands but got good ratings from its users.

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