Recommended Laptops Under Rs.50000 For Video Editing

Video Editing is a resource intensive activity i.e it needs high RAM, CPU, good Graphics. All these requirements increases the cost of a laptop.

Don’t get disappointed, In this post I have shared laptops that are under INR 50k and will do justice to the activity of video editiong. Keep reading….


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Features of Video editing laptops

As a video editor myself, I look for following experience while working on editing a video:

  1. Rendering and editing video files should be responsive i.e laptop should not hang while working on video.
  2. The graphics displayed should be crisp so that I can give a better experience to my client.
  3. Due to huge file size and keeping multiple versions of same video, I need huge storage.
  4. Display should be big
  5. There should be enough ports to plugin various external devices.
  6. It should not be bulky

The above features when converted into technical specification will look as follows:

An Intel7 or Ryzen5 CPU will do the work coupled with a 16GB RAM.

Apart from high RAM, a good graphics card will be second in list. The video needs to be rich in visual quality and as an editor you need to capture even the minor detail.

Operationg system also plays an important role in video editing. Windows offers many free and paid softwares on its platform and is easy to use.

Now converting the above technical specification into actual product, I recommend HP 15s.

I have recently changed to this laptop, I do heavy video editing for my own YouTube channel as well for my clients.

I am happy withe its performance and it can do quite some heavy lifting.

Best Video Editing Laptop Under 50k

Recently this laptop has been made availalbel by HP on Amazon.This is the best it can get in this price range. This is highely recommended for any memory intensive work.

HP 15s Ryzen5, 16GB, 512GB SDD 15.6″ Anti-glare, thin and lightweight laptop

Additional Offers: 10% Off On MRP, No cost EMI offer, and many more
Details: 16GB DDR
OS: Preloaded Win11, Pre-installed MS Office Students edition

Accessories To Enhance Productivity Of Video Editing Laptop

High configuration laptops heats a lot, hence its recommended to buy cooling pad. Also, a good multimedia mouse will really add to the ammuniation power of this heavy duty laptop.

You cannot go wrong with this Amazon best-seller cool pad for laptops.

Zebronics USB-powered Laptop cooling pad with dual fan (low noise), dual USB port, and blue LED lights.

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Is it possible to get a good video editing laptop under 50000?

Yes, with the RAM and storage technology becoming cheaper as the time pass, it has become a reality to get an excellent configuration laptop under 50k.


HP 15s Ryzen laptop with 16GB is a boon for budget constraint users. Laptop with similar configurations easily cost 20k higher.

Best i7 laptops under 50000