List Of Best Laptops In Various Categories

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Best Laptop Under 50000

Best Laptop Under Rs.50,000 in India, 2022

The best laptop you can get in the budget of 50k, handpicked by TeamDigitalMitr just for your benefit!

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Best Gaming Laptop Under Rs.50,000/-

Getting a gaming laptop in this budget is very tight, TeamDigitalMitr made it possible for you!

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Best HP Laptop Under Rs.50,000/-

Team DigitalMitr do understand some people are die hard fan of HP, here is the best HP under 50K!

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i7, 8GB laptop under Rs.50,000/-

With high processor and ram, cost of the laptop increased. Still TeamDigitalMitr have brought you hacks to get it in your budget.

Lenovo Gaming Laptop

Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop In A Budget

Lenovo has its range of gaming laptops that has dedicated GPU, high RAM to give complete satisfaction of a gaming laptop

Best Laptop Under 50K

Fastest Laptop Under Rs.50000/-

Fastest Laptops Under Rs.50,000/- .Does fastest mean the best? Should I buy the fastest laptop? What are advantages/disadvantages?