Guide to define performance and find best laptop under 50000!

In the post How To Select Laptop, I have detailed the criteria using which you can zero down on the laptop that you need.

Performance of a laptop is of paramount importance as these are the days of instant gratification. No one likes a sluggish tech piece but performance comes with a cost!!

In this post I have picked up the best performing laptop that you can get under INR 50000/-, keep reading if thats what your are looking for…

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Performance criteria of a laptop

Before suggesting the best performance laptop under 50k, let me define under which criteria I have tested this laptop.

1. Booting Time:

How much time you have to wait after you have pressed that power button on the laptop? This wait could be frustrating if you urgently want to dive in and start working or playing or what ever is the urgency 😉

As per behaviour experts, a boot time of 30 seconds is considered as good.

2. Time for an applicaiton to load:

Once the laptop is on, the next wait is for the application to fire up after you have clicked it. Most of the time people hit the Browser, for others it could be the MS Outlook or a discord or any game.

3. Responsiveness of the applications once open

Now that your application is open and you are eager to go blazing, does the application share your enthusiasm & support your energy?

How quickly the curser moves, how fast the words type, how quickly that canon fires once you clicked the right button?

Performance Enablers

Now we know the performance criteria, lets talk about what enables this kind of performance? Well, the simplest answer will be”

  • The RAM
  • The CPU
  • The Hard Disk Technology

If you have been following my blogs, you must have already figured out this answer 😀

👍 Best Performance Laptop Under 50000 👍

Now, to get rid of the suspense here is the recommended laptop for you with all the high performance still costing under Rs.50000!

RAM: 16 GB
CPU: RYZEN 5-5500U
Hard Disk: 512 GB SSD

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HP 15 S, High Performance, Low On Cost!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A 16 GB laptop under 50k is the best you can get, do not miss the chance!!


Is Ryzen better than Intel?

The answer may vary based on the context. In terms of price, Ryzen is definelty long ahead of Intel. In terms of performance, both are compareable with Intel having an edge in Gaming segment. Read comparison bewteen Intel & Ryzen

Is 16 GB Ram enough for a laptop?

A 16 GB ram laptop is good enough for the next 5 years for most of the laptop users.

Which is the best laptop to buy in India under 50000?

HP 15 S with 16GB Ram, 512 SSD storage, Ryzen 5 processor is the best laptop of 2023 so far in India under 50000.


This is the first time a 16GB RAM laptop and SSD is available under 50K, that also from HP!! All other laptops in this range has 8GB RAM, HP 15S is a clear winner in this category.

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16 GB RAM HP Laptop

HP is offering this high performance laptop with 16GB RAM and 512 SSD storage with Ryzen 6 processor under Rs.50,000/- It does not get any cheaper!!

Product Brand: HP

Product Currency: INR

Product Price: 49000

Product In Stock: InStock

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