Which is the fastest laptop in India Under 50000?

Before answering which is the fastest laptop under 50000, we need to understand what exactly it means by laptop speed and what factors contribute to making a laptop fast.

Keep on reading where TeamDigitalMitr have compiled a list of the fastest laptop that cost 50k or less.

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Ever faced a situation where you switch on your laptop and it takes its own sweet time to boot up.

Once the laptop is on, you click on the browser, and again the wait starts!! The same is the case with any application you open…

Does it mean your laptop has become slow? or is it the internet that is slow? or is there a bad sector on the disk that is delaying the whole thing?

Keep on reading to get answers to all your queries..

What makes a laptop fast?

At the cost of oversimplification, we can say the speed of a laptop is determined by its CPU, RAM, and Harddisk.

Out of the three, the CPU is very rarely the culprit unless you are using some applications that need high processing power like playing the latest game or editing rich media.

So, now we are left with RAM and a Hard disk.

Till recently, we did not have many options in hard disks but with the advent of electronic hard disks, and SSD (Solid-state disk), the game has changed.

What makes a laptop slow?

There are many other factors like the type of hard disk, is the laptop is heating up, bad sector on your hard disk, slow network, and many more.

Laptops also tend to slow down as it gets old, which results in a loss of efficiency of electronics parts, hard disk fragments and bad sectors, and loss of cooling power of laptop fan.

Which is the fastest computer in the world?

Well, if we talk about the fastest computers, definitely the supercomputers with their processing power and ton of other super cool technology are of now match.

At the time of writing this post, Frontier is the fastest supercomputer with specs that will just blow away your mind!

Are the fastest laptops the best laptops?

It depends, in case your work needs a very fast laptop, it’s the best for you but in case you use the laptop for normal office work or browsing or blogging, then getting the fastest laptop does not make sense and it’s not the best in that case.

TeamDigitalMitr’s definition of the best laptop is not the one that is super fast, best looking, thinnest, sleekest… the team rates a laptop based on its utilization and in our case budget constraints.

Fastest Laptops Under 50000

Here is a list of the fastest laptops under 50k recommended by TeamDigitalMitr. You can do your own research based on the knowledge you gained by reading the posts here or select among the following based on your favorite brand.

👍 Best Laptop Under 50000 👇🏼

RAM: 16 GB
CPU: RYZEN 5-5500U
Hard Disk: 512 GB SSD

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HP 15 S, High Performance, Low On Cost!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Following are the other good laptops for this price range but RAM is 8GB only!!

HP 15s Ryzen, 8GB RAM, 512 SSD

Lenovo Ideapad 3 AMD Ryzen,8GB RAM,512 SSD

ASUS Vivo i3, RAM 8GB, SSD 512

Fastest Laptop FAQ’s:

Should I invest in the fastest laptop?

Invest in a laptop that suits your needs. In case your need is for the fastest laptop, go ahead else look for the laptop that gives you the best returns on the money invested.

What is the disadvantage of having a fast laptop?

Speed comes with a cost and also fast laptops tend to heat up fast, so better invest in a coolpad as well if you are getting the fastest laptop.


The fastest laptops cost a lot, if you are on a budget actually evaluate your need for the fastest laptop and get the one that gives the best bang for your money.

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