Need a laptop but don’t have money for it? Not a very good situation but there are ways you can get a free laptop!

Keep on reading to find the various ways to get a free laptop.

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How To Get A Laptop Free?

A laptop is not a very cheap gadget and getting it free is not something that can happen very frequently.

Having said that, there are ways you can get a free laptop

Government schemes:

In India, political parties and state governments do make promises to give free laptops to students.

Akhilesh Yadav’s laptop yojana was one of it.

To qualify for these free laptop schemes/yojana, you need to fulfill certain education and residential status.

Tamil Nadu government has this scheme where every student passing 12th standard gets a laptop.

All the state governments should take up this scheme of giving student laptops, free for those needy students who actually deserve it based on their merits.

Corporate Initiative:

If you have scored excellent marks in your academics, you can approach mid-size to big corporations with your request. Normally these companies do have CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and they may be willing to help you out.

It may not be a very easy task, but getting valuable stuff in life is definitely not going to be easy. Having some relatives in these big companies will definitely make things easier.

DigitalMitr is one such entity, though small in size they do give away a few laptops, do get in touch with them from their contact page.

Crowd Funding:

With your excellent academic results, you can ask for crowdfunding on social media platforms. Be yourself, tell about your situation and why you need to have this laptop and there are many who will contribute some amount to help you.

It may sound pretty far-fetched, but miracles do happen. In this digital world, people are willing to help provided they find the ask genuine.

This may not be a morally correct thing to do, but you can attempt it in case of desperation.

Reach out to coaching institutes in your area and strike a deal with them. They can use your marks to promote their institute and in return offer you a laptop.

Student Loan

There are many student loan schemes that allow you to buy a laptop as part of your higher education.

Laptop Library

This is not a concept in India, at least I could not find it. This is a very noble way. There are libraries that give free books on a returnable basis to economically weak students.

The students who make good can financially help such libraries in the future!

Check-in Family for a spare laptop

Charity starts from home. Check out your relatives, close and distant who are well to do. They may have an old laptop to spare. People do buy new stuff and are willing to give away the spare one to someone deserving.

Pros and Cons of Free laptops

Even the best things in this world have some cons that defeat the whole purpose. Following are a few pros and cons of getting a free laptop

It’s FreeThe configuration is pretty low
Encourage digital useNeed to buy an Internet connection to utilize the power of the laptop.
Deserving students benefit from it.Many sell it in the grey market
Gives the motivation to do moreMisuse of laptop


It’s not super easy to get a free laptop, but you can give it a try using the step mentioned in this post.

Do governments provide free laptops?

During election times, many state governments come up with various schemes. Also, the Tamilnadu government has this scheme of giving laptops to students who pass the 12th standard.

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