Taking care of your laptop will guarantee an extended life and good performance for a long time. The best thing is taking care of the laptop is very easy and you don’t have to go out of your way to do it!

Just follow the simple steps mentioned here and have an ever-green laptop.

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Do you love your laptop?

A laptop is definitely one of the costly electronics items you may have for yourself. When the laptop is new, we all ensure that even a tiny bit of dust does not settle on it, past one week and our love and care for our laptop goes south.

Guide to taking care of your laptop

Taking care of the laptop can be divided into basic and advanced categories. Basic care is a must for all laptops and advanced care along with basic care will ensure long life and excellent performance for your laptop.

Basic care for laptop

Care NeededImpact of negligenceThe best way to take care of a Laptop
Keep laptop away from dustDust can clog the ports and reduce efficiencyKeep & use the laptop in a room not directly exposed to the external environment.
Daily cleanDust sticks on-screen, keyboards and makes it dirtyTake a microfibre cloth (a normal cloth may actually scratch your screen) and daily wipe the laptop with it.
Disconnect from the electric socketIf your laptop is fully charged and still connected to supply, it damages the battery in long run.Once the laptop is 100% charged, switch off the supply. Recharge once charging is around 25%
Shut down when not needed for a long timeUnnecessary battery usage and heatingKeeping the laptop in sleep mode should be done only if you are away from the laptop for an hour, else shut it down.

These are the basic rituals all must do and see the laptop performing like new even after many years!

Advanced care for laptop

As the name suggests, these are the next level of care and may be optional but will definitely add life to your laptop.

Care recommendedBenefit expectedRecommendation
Cooling padThis will ensure adequate cooling irrespective of the type of surface you keep your laptop on.Best selling cooling pad on amazon
Keyboard skin coverThis will protect dust from entering the laptop apart from letters being wiped out due to heavy use of the keyboardGet Silicone skin cover as per your laptop brand
External wireless mouseThis will keep your scroll pad safe from damage due to overuseBuy Wireless Mouse-Best seller
Laptop bagKeeps the laptop safe while traveling or when its not in useGet Best selling laptop bag

Even though these are marked as Good To Have/Do, I highly recommend investing some more money in the laptop that will give you immediate returns.

You cannot go wrong with this Amazon best-seller cool pad for laptops.

Zebronics USB-powered Laptop cooling pad with dual fan (low noise), dual USB port, and blue LED lights.

Amazon Best Seller

Laptop Customer Care Number

Most of the brands provide customer care numbers, email addresses, and chatbots to help you resolve your laptop-related problem. You can connect to your laptop provider using the customer care number given below:

Laptop BrandLaptop Customer Care Number

Tip: In case your laptop is shutting down abruptly and you are not in a position to take it for repait, just blow air in all the slots from where air circulation takes place. This will clear some of the dust. Also sit under a fan or AC room, this will keep your laptop running for longer time!!

How to find a trusted local laptop repairing shop?

All the shops with laptop repair boards are not genuine. They may be just mediators between you and the actual repairing shop. You will end up paying more in this case.

The best will be to check if they have a repair bay in the shop or if they just have heaps of laptops. Any shop having repair bay can be trusted more.

Laptop repair frauds

If you are not careful, you may end up handing over your laptop to someone who may swap the original working part of your laptop with some cheap local parts.

There is hardly any way to identify the internal parts, but for parts like battery, and charger make sure you put your initials there so that they can be easily recognized.

You cannot easily distinguish between good and fraud repairing centers, Just check the ambiance, facilities, and people handling your case. Look for online reviews and then leave the rest to luck!

Getting a laptop repaired by the company could be very costly, the best thing could be to contact branded repairing service provider like Urban Clap.


Taking care of a laptop is very simple, if done regularly you can definitely increase the life and performance of your laptop.

At times, you may have to reach out to the company’s customer care. I will recommend doing so in case your laptop is around 2-3 years old. For any older laptops, it may be better to approach your local repairing center.

Laptop care FAQ

How to avoid laptops from overheating?

To avoid the laptop from overheating, make sure your table is not cluttered, good ventilation is there in the room and if needed use a cooling pad.

Should we wipe the laptop with a wet cloth?

Make sure your use microfibre cloth. Do not apply the liquid directly to the laptop, just damp the cloth and wipe. First, ensure dust is wiped off else damp cloth may make it messy.

My laptop shuts down automatically while I am still working on it.

This is majorly due to overheating of the laptop. Try using it at a location with better ventilation or use a laptop cooling pad. If the issue persists, take it to the service center immediately else it may damage your laptop.

Tip: In case your laptop is shutting down abruptly and you are not in a position to take it for repait, just blow air in all the slots from where air circulation takes place. This will clear some of the dust. Also sit under a fan or AC room, this will keep your laptop running for longer time!!

How to repair laptop wifi issue?

The laptop wifi issue can be due to Driver getting corrupt or hardware damage. To resolve the issue, you can check the latest wifi driver from the internet and update the existing driver.
In case of a hardware issue, you can either buy an internal wifi card or get an external wifi receiver dongel. Though an internal wifi card is costly, it’s more powerful.

My laptop is under warrenty and its giving problems, how to get it fixed?

Call the customer care number, they will ask few details and will send the technician. Keep your warranty card/purchace invoice handy so that technician can verify if its under warrenty or not.

Windows does not support my Laptop, what could be the problems?

If you have latest windows OS and an Old laptop, or the other way round you may face issues of some of the device not working properly. Google around for the device driver, many a times some similar drivers work and solves the problem.

I bouthg laptop from Amazon, can I get it repaired from Laptop Outlet if its under warrenty?

Yes, you can take your laptop to any Authorized outlet irrespective of if you bought it from Amazon or store.

How to connect a hardware to a laptop if the laptop language is not english?

The best way is to change the laptop language to English and do all the setup. Once all is working, change the language as per your need.

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