A laptop is a must nowadays, no longer its a “Professional’s Toy”, even kids need it!

With laptops becoming a necessity, you may face the challenge of choosing a laptop that is best for you.

Of course, one rule of thumb could be, just buy the latest and greatest laptop! Good strategy, but it comes with a cost.

Are you willing to spend 1 lakh rupees for your kid’s laptop where he just needs to attend online class and submit assignments?

A college-going teen’s need for a laptop will be different than a school-going kid’s. Also, the need for someone who wants to use the laptop for serious video editing, and graphic designing will be completely different.

Hence the very important question- How To Select A Laptop That Suits Your Needs?

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Types of Laptops

Laptops can be broadly divided into the following types based on their main use.

Traditional Laptops:

All generic-purpose laptops with all sizes varying from small to large will fit this category. These are mainly there to replace desktops.

2 in-1 laptop

These are stylish laptops that can also be detached from the keyboard and used as a tablet.

Business Laptop:

These laptops are used by corporates for their jobs. Long battery life is an important feature of this laptop along with a sturdy build.

Chrome book

These are Google’s babies that run on the Chrome Operating system. Any task that can be done on the web can be done using this laptop. Among the most affordable laptops.

Gaming laptop:

These are high-end laptops that need high RAM, fast CPU, dedicated graphic card, backlit keyboard, and whatnot. These are among the most pricy laptops.

How To Select A Laptop?

Selecting a laptop can become very overwhelming, especially when you are trying to optimize the cost and benefit.

And then there are friendly neighbors, knowledgable friends who load you with information you already found on the internet.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you decide on which laptop to buy, not just Gyaan, but actionable steps that will give your tangible results.

First, get the criteria of selection identified, as per your need for a laptop.

If you don’t know your criteria, you will once you read past this first section.

Select a laptop based on the Operating system

Which Operating system do you need? Well, if you don’t know, go with Windows operating system.

A windows based laptop is the most commonly used and intuitive laptop in the world and you cannot go wrong with it.

Then there are other OS like MAC, Linux, and Chrome.

MAC Operating System

A MAC works only on Apple hardware. If you are an Apple product die-hard fan, look no further and get a Mac book.

If you have been a windows user, it may take some time to get used to Mac.

Linux Operating System

If you like the Linux interface and are familiar with using it, Linux will be a good choice. Not recommended for beginners though.

Its strength is the command screen even though it offers a GUI, it’s not very friendly as per my experience.

Chrome OS

Go for this if the only use is web browsing and using any of the Google Tools. This is a lightweight OS, also a light on your pocket!!

This laptop is branded as ChromeBook and is a Google product. Google may make it very robust in the future, but for now, it’s just a beginner’s toy.

Select a laptop based on your budget

Well, if you are on a budget, this is the easiest factor. Buy what is best in your budget!

There are branded laptops available for all budgets, go for any one of them. You can skip all technicals and get the recommended laptops from TeamDigitalMitr

In case you want to go beyond budget, keep reading…

Select a laptop based on your need

Now, this becomes a bit tricky. It will need you to be thorough with your needs along with what hardware will suffice that need.

Don’t worry, if you are getting confused TeamDigitalMitr has recommended some laptops in each category that you can check and buy.

Laptop for schoolwork, kids

This kind of laptop does not need high processing power or high RAM. Neither does it need a special display card.

Unless your kid will be going to college in the next couple of years, get a budget laptop around 20 or 30 thousand INR.

Best Laptops for Students

Laptop for college students

The needs of college-going students are different than school-going students hence they need a better laptop.

The price range here will be around 40 thousand INR

Best Laptops For College Students

Laptop for heavy video editing, graphics, gaming

This category deserves the best Processing power, high RAM, Special Graphics, and laptop looks!

The most basic for this category will start from Rs.50,000 INR and can go into lakhs.

Best High-End Laptops Under 50000

Best Video Editing, Graphics Design, and Gaming Laptops Under 70000

Select Laptop Based On Technical Specification

If you are tech-savvy and know the nitty-gritty of hardware, this section is for you, else you may skip it.

Intel or AMD processor

There was a time when Intel had a monopoly on processors. AMD made its way and now it’s giving a tough fight to Intel.

Nowadays, the question is not between Intel or AMD, it’s how much core and which generation of processor!

If you are looking for an Intel family, the options are Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 along with the generation like 3rd generation, 10th generation etc.

At the cost of over-simplification, you can safely assume that the highest “i” value and the “generation” combination is the best.

The same logic can be applied to AMD Ryzen.

RAM size

When it comes to RAM size, the higher the better! The only problem is high RAM means a much higher cost!!

Hard disk type

The magnetic hard disk may well be the slowest link in the whole laptop or PC. To overcome this limitation, now electronic storage devices are available!

The electronics drives are called SDD and are super fast..and costly.

The best will be a balance between magnetic HDD and SDD to make your laptop fast without burning a hole in your pocket.

Special Graphics card

Unless you want a gaming laptop or a High graphic editing machine, you are good with the inbuilt Graphics card.

For others, you will have to invest in a dedicated GPU with dedicated memory that makes the graphics real life and adds to the gaming experience.

Do check out this video on how to search for a budget laptop.

Laptop Selection FAQ’s

Which laptop is the best?

There is no single answer to this question. Depending on your need, the answer may change.
As a thumb rule, if you are an Apple product lover, MacBook is your straightforward choice.
In case you are an advanced user, based on the type of work you may opt for average to high configuration hardware with Linux OS or high configuration with Windows OS.

Are refurbished laptops good?

The answer is yes and no.
A refurbished laptop is good if you buy it with an adequate warranty and star ratings of the seller.
Always look for the return policy to be safe in case you get something you were not expecting.

How to buy Laptop Online with monthly payments?

You can buy laptop online using a credit card and avail the monthly payment (EMI) option either from the online platform you are buyig or from your bank.


Deciding on the best laptop and getting optimal cost vs power can be an overwhelming task. TeamDigitalMitr has recommended the laptops after thorough analysis and testing to bring the best for you.

Hope this article helped you decide on you laptop, keep reading…

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