High configuration laptop and cost are two factors that go hand in hand i.e one increases and the other also increases.

You may find many websites showing this configuration under 50k but once you click on it, it will show “Sold Out”.

Truth is this configuration cannot be sold under 50k, but in this post, I have shared a few suggestions using which you can get closer to your budget of Rs,50000 or even meet it!!

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How to get i7, 8GB laptop under 50k?

Hmm, to get a laptop with such high configuration as i7 and 8 GB RAM under 50k is like having your cake and eating it too!!

This is not impossible, but you will have to do some compromises, following are a few ways to get an i7, 8GB laptop under 50k:

1. Get a Refurbished laptop:

A refurbished laptop will give you the configuration you desire in your price range. These refurbished laptops come with a warranty as well.

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Lenovo Think Pad (Refurbished)

Warranty6 months

Dell (Refurbished)

Warranty6 months

2. Compromise on Processor type

Now a days Ryzen processors are giving Intel processors a run for their money. Ryzen match Intel in performance at a fraction of its cost.


It’s well known that processors are hardly a bottleneck, most of the time it’s RAM and slow hard disk that reduces the performance of a laptop. So Team DigitalMitr recommends you this laptop if you are ok to move away from Intel.

ProcessorRyzen 5
Warranty1 year

HP 15 S

ProcessorRyzen 5
Warranty1 year

3. Increase your budget a bit:

By increasing your budget by another 10k, you can get brand new laptops with i7, 8GB RAM. Do remember that this is a high configuration laptop you are looking for and it comes with a price tag!

MI Notebook

MI has come up with a very good range of laptops. These are performing well and price is much lesser than already established brans.

Warranty1 year

4. Use discount facilities provided by Amazon:

The advantage of buying from Amazon is you can enjoy the discounts offered by it. These offers are available round the year.

  1. Cashback by using certain banks cards: There is always some bank’s cashback offer if purchased using its card (credit or debit). You can easily get around Rs.1500/- off.
  2. Exchange Offer: You can save quite a lot of money by exchanging your old laptop for the new one. You can get around 20k off by availing this!
  3. Amazon Card Offers: If you are a regular buyer on Amazon, it makes sense to get an Amazon-branded credit card and Prime membership. These will give you additional benefits.

5. Buy a laptop from the USA:

If you know anyone who is traveling from the USA, request them to get a laptop for you. Laptops are much cheaper in the USA as compared to India.

If they are traveling around Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, you can get it even cheaper!!


There are options available to get high configuration like i7 processor, 8GB RAM laptops under 50,000.

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Which i7 laptop is best?

You can select any laptop brand of your choice with i7 processor, they are all the same. In case you want to add price as a criterion, then that can be a comparison point.