Should I buy refurbished laptops?

Refurbished in simple language means something that is cleaned and re-paired and is at par with new. Most of the time it comes with warranty as well!

So Refurbished laptop means a laptop that could have be returned by the buyer for any reason, mostly because of some problem in the laptop.

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Why laptops are refurbished?

If you bought a new laptop and found:    any problem or     scratch or     fan noise or     laptop running slow or     it just does not meet your expectation, you can return it as per the return policy of the seller.
The whole existence of Online shops are because they have to honor the returned goods if buyer is not satisfied.

In USA, there is a culture of returning things. People will buy stuff and later return it because they were expecting something else or could be any random reason.

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How does seller refurbish laptop?

Seller gets the laptop checked for the issues and gets it repaired from authorized center.
It has to be in a god condition for him to sell else buyer will again return it.

Are Refurbished laptops good?

Refurbished laptops are inspected by the seller, any problem that was reported is repaired, any scratches are removed (as much as possible).Sellers also give return back guarantee if you buy it online.So yes, refurbished laptops are good.

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Advantages of refurbished laptops

You can get an excellent configuration laptop at much cheaper rate.You can return it (within the return period )if you find any problem with the laptop.Most of the time, refurbished laptops are rarely used and are as good as new.

Dis-advantages of refurbished laptops

In case you are not able to identify the problem within the “return period”, you will have to get it repaired as per warranty clause.

Where to buy refurbished laptops from?

Its always advisable to buy refurbished laptops from a genuine seller.
Best place will be the manufacturer of the laptop.Next best will be big online stores like Amazon and a reputed seller on Amazon.
It is important that a trust exists else refurbished market would never have flourished.

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Alternatives to Refurbished Laptop

You may opt for lower configuration new laptop
Check the option of desktop with similar configuration.
Exchange your old laptop with new, it will give you some money back.
Use credit card that offers money back.
Wait for festival season when there are may money back offers and rates are reduced.

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What is the meaning of Refurbished laptop?

In simplest terms, Refurbished laptop mean the device returned by the first buyer. It could be because of any issue or just because it did not match buyers expectations.


Refurbished laptop market is quite a big one. People trust the whole process but make sure the place from you are buying is reputed and offers return back in case buyer is not satisfied.
We started with Refurbished Laptop Meaning In Hindi and ended up having a detailed discussion on refurbished laptop, hope it was a good read.

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