One of the best ways to get a high-performing laptop at a low cost is to upgrade your existing laptop. Continue reading for step by step guide on How To Upgrade Laptop.

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When we go shopping for a high-performing laptop, we look for:

  • High Ram
  • High CPU
  • Upgrading to SDD from HDD
  • High-performing graphic card

Out of the above three, the first one is the most common and easy to upgrade.

How To Upgrade Laptop RAM

If you are fairly confident in your electronic skill, it may be a pretty easy task to upgrade the RAM chip, if not- DO NOT Try It Yourself

The first step is to identify the number of slots in your Laptop for RAM.

In case it has only one slot (Very unlikely), you will have to buy a single chip of RAM. It may be more costly than two chips.

Secondly, check the type of RAM supported by your laptop and get the exact make.

Now open up your laptop (some laptops are easy to open, others are more difficult.

Swap the chip and assemble the laptop again.

Switch on the laptop, if the new RAM is not supported by your laptop, you will see a blue screen/ memory dump.

If the laptop accepts the RAM, you got a super-fast laptop at fraction of the cost!!

How To Increase RAM without purchasing it?

Most Needed Technological Change in Laptop

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had an external RAM drive! I am talking about the storage (HDD/SDD) but the Random Access Memory that helps laptops do heavy memory-intensive tasks!!

How To Upgrade Laptop CPU?

Usually, the CPU is not the bottleneck in any hardware unless you are trying to make your laptop compatible with Gaming.

In that case, first of all, you will have to check if your laptop motherboard will support the new CPU.

Now anything related to the touching motherboard of a laptop calls for professional help.

Don’t try to DIY!!

How To Change HDD to SDD?

HDD is the old technology of magnetic hard disk, it’s pretty in-expensive too. The new technology of SDD is electronic memory which is much faster and a lot more costly.

To add SDD to your laptop, you will have to open up the laptop and look for the free slot. New laptops come with that slot but old laptops may not support this new storage technology.

In case you need additional storage, better get an external HDD.

Laptop Upgrade FAQ:

Can all the laptops be upgraded?

No, depending on how old your laptop is, it may or may not support an upgrade. Read the instruction manual of the manufacturer.


Laptop upgrade is not a very usual thing to do due to the complexity of dismantling a laptop. Hopefully, going forward laptops will become more modular with easy plug-and-play hardware slots.

It may sound exciting to upgrade a laptop yourself, but don’t attempt it if you are not familiar with electronics, better get it done via professional.

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