Guide To Select Best Laptop For BCA Students

Do BCA Students need laptop?

Now a days even school going kids need laptop as computers is an integral part of education.

Are there special laptops for BCA? Which laptop is best for BCA students?

A good laptop for BCA students should be one that helps them with their syllabus without burning hole in pocket

Before recommending a laptop to you, let me set a few guidelines for selecting laptop for BCA students

1. Avoid Non Windows Laptop 2.Avoid fancy features 3.Don't go below 8GB RAM 4. Avoid old processors 5.A battery life of 8hr is recommended 6.Enough ports especially USB 3.0

Guide Line

The First Laptop I recommend will see you through MCA as it is high on configuration but low on price!

HP 15 S Ryzen 8GB, 256 SSD

Tight on Budget? Check this one